Instructions for Weider Crossbow Exercises

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The Weider Crossbow is a piece of home gym, resistance training equipment, allowing users to perform full-body workouts. The Crossbow is pulley-operated and features a "power-rod" system, enabling users to alter the resistance level with the touch of a button. It's ease of use is the Weider Crossbow's main selling point, yet it is essential with all resistance training to know how to perform exercises with the correct technique and at a level within your body's capabilities.

Perform a chest press. Adjust the bench to a slight incline and lie flat on your back with your head toward the tower. Take an overhand grip, with the handles next to your chest. Push directly upwards until your arms are almost fully extended. Lower slowly and repeat.

Perform a shoulder press. Sit on a flat bench with your back to the tower. Take the lower handles with an overhand grip. Pull the handles up until they are level with your head and turn your hands so your palms are facing forwards. Your arms should be at a 90-degree angle -- the starting position. Push upwards until your arms are almost fully extended. Slowly lower to the starting position and repeat.

Perform a squat. Remove the bench and attach the cables to the "hack squat bench." Straddle the rail and stand on the platform with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Lean your back on the tower support. Bend your knees and lower your body with control until your legs are at 90 degrees keeping your weight over your heels. Straighten your legs and push up until your legs are almost fully extended.

Perform a biceps curl. With the bench removed, stand on the platform with your back to the tower, straddling the rail as with the squat. Take the low handles with an underhand grip -- palms forward. Curl the handles towards your chest while locking your elbows by your sides -- preventing your upper-arms from moving. Lower slowly and repeat.


Use your exercise chart for details on all possible exercises. When training with weights, contract your core muscles to keep your trunk fixed. Exhale when applying force, and inhale as you return to position.


Inform your doctor or physician before significantly altering your exercise regimen.