How to Keep Score in High School Golf


Golf is played at nearly all ages, and competition in high schools can be fierce. Scoring in golf is simple and it is easier to score at a school level since it doesn't have the handicapping rules of professional leagues.

Trade score cards with your opponent. You keep score for your opponent in golf, including in high school play.

Count the number of strokes your opponent uses to get the ball in the hole per round. A stroke is counted every time the opponent swings at the ball.

Write the number of strokes on the card and then add them all together at the end of the game. Keep track of your own score as well so you can verify what your opponent records is accurate.

Verify the score on your scorecard that the opponent wrote down is accurate before writing your name on the top of the card and turning it in. The player with the lowest score wins.


Some high schools will use team play, where the player with the lowest score for the hole wins the hole for his team. The team with the most hole wins over the first nine holes gets a point and likewise the team with the most hole wins on the back nine gets a point. The team with the most overall hole wins over the 18 holes gets the third point. Each game is a three-point game between teams.