How to Keep Scorebooks on Wrestling

    Step 1

    Write the name of each wrestler in one of the color coded spaces on the match page. Make each wrestler check-in before the match and hand each wrestler a matching ankle band.

    Step 2

    Watch the referee for scoring signals in each period and record the signals. Write "T2" for a takedown, "R2" for a reversal, "E1" for an escape and "N2" or "N3" for nearfall points. Nearfall occurs when one wrestler holds the other wrestler on his back for several seconds without pinning the opponent.

    Step 3

    Mark and "S" if the referee signals stalling for one or both of the wrestlers. Stalling occurs when the wrestler is not attempting any offensive moves.

    Step 4

    Mark the clock time and write "Fall" if one wrestler pins both shoulder blades of the opponent and the referee stops the match. Write "Tech Fall" and mark the score clock time if the referee stops the match because one wrestler has 15 points more than the opponent.

    Step 5

    Write the final score in the designated boxes after the match ends. Circle the name of the winner and place an "X" through the name of the loser.


  • Keep the scorebook during several unofficial practice matches. The practice familiarizes you with the book format and scoring system before the live matches.

Things Needed

  • Pencil
  • Score book
  • Ankle bands
  • Referee

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