How to Kick a Soccer Ball While Running

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Kicking the ball while running is an essential skill in the game of soccer. The ability to accurately pass and shoot while on the run is what separates good players from average ones.

Limber up before practicing, drilling or developing new techniques. To do this perform some simple lower-body stretching exercises. While the emphasis should be on your legs, hips, and waist, don't neglect your upper body. Your upper body may not actually be used in kicking, however, it's important to feel balanced while on the pitch.

Run up and down the pitch with your partner. As the two of you run, practice passing the ball back and forth. Use the inside of your foot for the most power and control. Flick the ball with the outside of your foot. Run up and down the pitch, passing the ball in this manner until you feel comfortable and in control.

Practice shooting on the goal while on the run. A practice goal can be set up with a couple of cones placed a few feet apart. Start running from about 30 yards out dribbling the ball, and keeping it as close to your feet as possible. When you reach what feels like a comfortable shooting distance, strike the ball with the inside of your foot, following through smoothly as you run. Practice this running attack on your own from the left side, right side and down the middle. Practice striking with both feet. When you feel comfortable shooting with the inside of your foot, try striking with an outside flick.

Practice a running, passing and shooting drill with your partner. From around the 50-yard line, make a tandem run on the goal with your partner. Pass the ball back and forth between the two of you until you are within striking distance, then strike the ball into the goal. Take turns being the one who shoots upon reaching the goal.

Practice a solo running attack on the goal, with your partner playing keeper. Leaving your partner in the goal, launch a running attack from the 30-yard line. When you get within a comfortable striking distance, shoot the ball and attempt to get it around your partner and into the goal. Alternate with your partner, playing offense and defense, in this drill.


Soccer is all about ball control. Developing good dribbling skills will allow you to shoot and pass the ball with more accuracy on the run. Being able to move quickly and shoot accurately while keeping the ball under control will turn you from an OK player into a good one.


Remember to always limber up before attempting any soccer-related activities. Not doing so may result in a pulled muscle or other such injury. When running and passing with your partner or teammates, always try to pass the ball into the space they will be entering. Passing it directly at them can slow the pace of the attack. However don't pass it to far ahead of them in a real match, or the other team may gain possession.