How to Lace Burton Speed Zone Laces


Burton is a snowboarding company that has been producing boards and accessories since 1977. Burton snowboard boots utilize a “Speed Zone” lacing system, designed for fast and easy tightening of snowboard boots. The boots utilize a lacing system on the inner shell of the boot and an upper and lower lacing system on the outer shell. The boots tighten and loosen by manipulating handles; no knot tying required.

Slide your foot into one of the boots and pull it taunt. Push the outer-tongue of the boot forward to reveal the inner laces.

Pull up on the inner laces to tighten the inner shell of the boot on your feet. Slide the plastic handle down and tuck it into the boot, out of the way of your clothing. Repeat the process as necessary to tighten the inner shell.

Locate the upper and lower zone handles; the handles are marked and are on the sides of your boot. Pull up on each handle, alternating as necessary, until the boot is tight.

Wind up the slack around the handles and tuck each one into the pockets located at the side of the boot.

Loosen the laces when you are ready to take off the boots. To loosen the laces, pull out the upper and lower zone handles and pull forward, away from your body. Manually loosen the strings on the boot tongue. Find the inner lace handle and slide the handle up to loosen the inner shell.