How to Take the Bindings Off of Skis


Bindings are one of the most important parts of skis, providing a way for boots to clip into place, securing the skis to the wearer. The bindings are personalized to the skier, sized to fit their specific boot and adjusted based on the person’s weight. If you’re giving an old pair of skis away or replacing old bindings, removal is necessary.

Lay the skis on the ground so you have easy access to the binding. Locate the back cover on the binding, which serves as protection for the back binding screws. Pry it open with a flathead screwdriver.

Unscrew the binding screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Once removed, the back portion of the binding will come off after pulling upward.

Locate the front cover of the binding and pry off with a flathead screwdriver. Remove the screws using a Phillips. Pull up after removing all the screws to finish the binding removal. Repeat the process on the other ski.


If screws on the bindings are hard to remove, glue or epoxy may have been used in the installation process. Hold a tip of a soldering iron to the screw to heat it up for about 30 seconds. This usually loosens the glue enough to remove the screw.