How to Get LeBron James' Autograph


Getting the autograph of your favorite NBA player is a tough task. When that player is LeBron James, one of the top stars in the league, the task can be even more challenging. James' popularity makes getting his autograph difficult, as many other fans likely have the same goal as you. It takes some luck, but there are ways to accomplish this task. You have a variety of options when trying to get James to sign your memorabilia.

At the Game

Purchase a ticket to a basketball game featuring the Miami Heat, James' NBA team.

Arrive at the arena as soon as the doors open to the public. American Airlines Arena, the home stadium for the Miami Heat, opens its doors one hour prior to tip-off time.

Walk down as close as you can to the court. Miami allows any fan to stand courtside from the time the arena doors open until shootaround ends, and many other arenas let fans get up close to players before the game starts.

Locate James and stand in his general vicinity. He will likely be practicing his shooting or getting stretched out by a trainer. When he is done, he may take some time to sign autographs for fans.

Ask James politely for his autograph. Have your pen and the item you want signed ready.

Player Appearances

Find out when James will be making a public appearance by going to the Miami Heat Web site. These appearances include charity events, fan signing sessions or other meet-and-greets.

Arrive at the event as early as possible and secure your place in line. Some events may require the purchase of a ticket, so buy a ticket as early as you can to guarantee your spot.

Ask James for his autograph when you reach the front of the line.

Memorabilia Store

Locate a nearby sports memorabilia store or online vendor that sells authenticated, autographed James items. Upper Deck has an exclusive deal to sell James' autographed memorabilia.

Find an item to your liking. Signed James items may include photos, jerseys and basketballs.

Complete the necessary checkout process.


Getting James' autograph will require patience and persistence. Don't let one missed opportunity curtail your pursuit. Always be polite when trying to get autographs. Players such as James have hundreds of fans asking for autographs every day. If you are rude or overly aggressive, you will probably be passed over. There's a fine line that you shouldn't cross when pursuing autographs. Players deserve some privacy when in public or at their hotel. Your best bet for an autograph is at a team-sponsored event.