Location of Lymph Nodes in the Body

A person has between 500 and 600 lymph nodes in his body, and they are located in the neck, groin, underarms, abdomen and chest. Lymph nodes act as a filter for viruses and bacteria in the part of the body in which they are located.

Cervical lymph nodes

Cervical lymph nodes are located in your head and neck. An individual has six different lymph nodes located in this area.

Axillary lymph nodes

There are two types of lymph nodes located in the axillary, or underarm, area: superficial and deep lymph nodes. The first nodes start in your hands and are located all the way up to your armpits.

Inguinal lymph nodes

The inguinal lymph nodes are located in the groin, and there are two types: deep inguinal and superficial inguinal.

Femoral lymph nodes

The femoral lymph nodes are located in the upper inner thigh. Most of these are located around the femoral vein in the legs.

Mesenteric lymph nodes

Located in the lower abdomen, just below the ribcage, the mesenteric lymph nodes help filter out bacteria and viruses in the abdominal cavity.

Mediastinal lymph nodes

These are the nodes located between the lung sacs and behind the sternum (or chest bone) in the upper body.

Supraclavicular lymph nodes

These are the lymph nodes located along the clavicle, or collar bone.