How Long Does Winsor Pilates Take to Be Effective?

How Long Does Winsor Pilates Take to Be Effective?

Even though you may not see yourself getting toned on the first day or feel yourself getting sore on the second day, the effects of a new exercise routine begin the very first second you begin doing the workout. Because of this, it is safe to say that Winsor Pilates starts to be effective the first day that you start training. However, depending on your previous experiences and workout history, it may or may not take a while for you to start to notice changes.

What Pilates is Supposed to Do

Before you can truly judge whether or not you are feeling the effects of Pilates, you have to know what the effects are supposed to be. Pilates promises a stronger core, leaner muscles, more body awareness and better circulation. Core strength is the strength of the muscles in the abdomen and lower back. Strengthening these muscles leads to better posture, stability and improved balance. Lean muscle mass helps with maintaining balance and strength, even through aging, and body awareness is the ability to know when something is wrong with your body and take corrective measures. Pilates promises to help with all of these things.

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Is Winsor Pilates Different?

Winsor Pilates is the workout regiment started by Mari Winsor. Mari studied under Joseph Pilates, the founder of Pilates, and later opened her own studios in California. While similar to the original Pilates studio in New York in that it focuses on full-body workouts that build lean muscle and a strong core, Winsor Pilates studios and DVDs offer various specified routines, like pregnancy, powerhouse, fat-burning and reformer routines. According to the Winsor Pilates website, Winsor maintains the same goals as Pilates but with her own unique spin on the idea for her unique audience.

How Long Does It Take to Start?

How long it takes to feel the effects that Pilates promises depends on how far along your fitness path you already are. In a study published in the journal "Physician and Sports Medicine," doctors Andrew Woblewski and Franceska Amati found that athletes who had been exercising much of their lives and developed lean muscle had less muscle mass loss once they developed a non-athletic sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, when someone who has exercised much of their life starts Winsor Pilates, they may not see a change in musculature as quickly as someone who has been sedentary. Similarly, a person who has spent most of their lives sitting or in a position where there is little core activation will begin to see improvements in core strength almost immediately. An athletic person with a strong core may not see great improvements for some time.

The Key is to Focus on Longevity

The aging process brings with it a steady decline in muscle tissue strength. This brings about overall weakness which can lead to falls and broken hips. Unfortunately, this also brings with it difficulty in performing intense workouts in the gym which may increase muscle strength. Pilates, which builds muscle through low-impact workouts, can help maintain lean muscle mass. Also, according to the article, the longer a person maintains the regiment, the longer the muscles keep their fortitude. So, instead of wondering how quickly Winsor Pilates starts to work, you should focus on maintaining the practice to make sure it keeps working.