How to Look Up a GHIN Number


The Golf Handicap Information Network—or GHIN—is the largest golf handicap computation service in the world, according to its website. The network shares its abbreviation with its key product: the golf handicap index, also called GHIN (pronounced "gin"). The index allows more than 1.9 million golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. Participating golfers have several ways to track their handicap rating, or GHIN number. GHIN services are offered to clubs and courses exclusively through state or regional golf associations.

How To Look Up A GHIN Number


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Look up a GHIN number by accessing the GHIN software, hardware and services through your golf association. Access the service online from any computer, using your access code, which is issued by your state or regional golf association.

Boot up the computer and GHIN program. You will be prompted to enter your two- to six-digit access code to gain access to the GHIN system.

A customized menu will appear. It will contain necessary information for the golfer to post his or her scores, or find the handicap of scores of another person.

Touch the screen to post. A message will appear asking you to touch the screen to post your score for your latest round.

Enter a score. You will be prompted to confirm other important information.

Visit, the official website of the Golf Handicap & Information Network. Using your GHIN access code, look up your handicap; post scores; and identify participating state and regional associations as well as their member clubs.


Do not use hyphens or any key beyond a number when entering the GHIN access code.