How to Make Basketball Jerseys Images

There are several ways that you can make basketball jerseys for yourself or others.
The method you will use to make the basketball jerseys would depend on various factors including The style jersey you want, the professionalism you are looking for in the design, the number of basketball jerseys you are looking to make, the amount of time you have to make the basketball jerseys and your level of creativity and expertise. You can choose to make the entire jersey yourself, hire someone to do it for you or settle for something in between.

Choose the design of your basketball jersey. Before making your jersey, decide on the jersey background color, jersey fabric, what you want on the jersey (team name, player name or number), special designs or decorations, trim on arms or neck, text and numbering font, bordering around the text and the type of neckline.

Sew the basketball jersey yourself. If you are experienced in sewing (or you know someone who is) you can sew a homemade basketball jersey yourself. You can find free jersey patterns online, buy it online or shop for one at a local sewing outlet.

Before deciding to sew your own basketball jersey, consider how experienced you are in sewing. If you are not, then beware that the jersey you sew may take a very long time and it may not turn out the way you planned. Consider how many people you are sewing for. Sewing an entire team's worth of jerseys is more time-consuming than sewing just one. Consider the expense of sewing yourself. Remember you have to pay for the material and possibly also the pattern. So sewing yourself can be as costly as having it done elsewhere

Use a blank jersey as your base. Instead of sewing the basketball jersey yourself, you can buy a blank jersey and just all lettering and decorations yourself.

Add lettering and designs to jerseys by yourself. Whether you sew the jersey yourself or you buy a blank basketball jersey, to finish making your homemade basketball jersey you will need to add lettering and designs. You can buy ready-made iron-on letters and designs that are durable enough for jerseys and follow the instructions to iron them onto your jersey. Another option is to design your own iron-on transfers on your computer and print them out using special iron-on printable transfer sheets. Then, simply iron them onto your jersey. For a handmade look, buy fabric pens, paint and glitter to write the lettering and designs by hand.

Order custom jerseys online. You can find many sites where you can choose your jersey specifications (style, fabric, colors, trims and design). Simply select the sizes you want and the company will create the design for you. In actuality, these stores offer semi-custom basketball jerseys and not fully customized jerseys. Although there are many options available, these are still limited to standard options. If you want a very unique design, layout, fabric or color, then these services will not be your best choice.

Hire someone to make the basketball jersey for you. Usually, hiring a professional to custom make clothing can be expensive and not worth your money. However, there are times when a professional would be your best option. Choose a professional to make the jerseys for you if you have a unique design, fabric, style, lettering font or color scheme, you want a professional-looking design that is made to order, or you are ordering jerseys for a sports team with many players. If you are ordering for a team, you may get a quantity discount.

Create one jersey before creating jerseys for an entire team. No matter what method you use to create your jersey, you should first order or make one jersey as a prototype before making jerseys for an entire team. Once the prototype jersey is completed, show it to team members and get input. You might have to make changes or adjustments. After the prototype is approved, make all the additional jerseys you need.


When making jerseys, be sure to keep notes on exactly what colors, fabrics and text fonts you used so you can easily repeat the process to create more.