How to Make Your Own Basketball Steel Chain Net


Steel chain basketball nets have many advantages over regular nylon nets—especially when outdoor play is involved. Chain nets don’t wear out so easily and therefore don’t have to be replaced nearly as often (plus they sound better!). Why waste time changing nets every few months when, instead, it’s easy to make a basketball chain net that will last much longer? Making your own steel basketball net will give a more personalized touch to your home court.


Measure the size of your rim. Standard basketball rims are 18 inches in diameter and have 12 hooks for connecting the net to; therefore, the chain net will also need 12 hooks.

Purchase the right equipment. Go to the local hardware store and look at their selection of eye hooks, ring hooks, threaded collars and metal buckles—there are literally hundreds of different hooks that will work, so try and find one that is cost-effective and durable. Threaded collars are the stylish choice, but standard metal backpack clips will work just as well for attaching the metal chain to the rim, and they can usually be found in large quantities for a low cost. Also check out the local dollar store and see if they have anything that might work.

Buy the chains. Something zinc-coated will provide more weather-proofing than other chains. Again, the size and length of the chain is a matter of personal preference, but the important thing is that you get 12 of equal length (12 to 16 inches long is a safe bet). Typically, you can buy chains in a set length; if this isn’t possible, ask the hardware store to cut them to the desired length.

Buy two more chains that will wrap about the 12 hanging chains to complete the net. Remember that a typical NBA-style basketball has a circumference of 29-30 inches (which means a diameter of about 10 inches), so for the final two chains, don’t buy any length less than the diameter of the basketball!


Connect your 12 chains to their respective hooks—one on the end of each.

Remove the basketball rim to make this work easier and safer. If this is not possible, put up a ladder underneath the basketball net and make sure that it’s secure (the best bet is to have a friend hold it).

Connect the hooks and the chains to each corresponding loop on the underside of the rim. Each loop on the rim should have a hook and chain.

Wrap the two remaining chains around the others and secure them in place to create a “basket”. One chain should be near the middle, the other should be near the bottom. Again, there are many way to accomplish this. A small threaded collar will provide the best-looking option, but even six or seven heavy-duty zip ties will work (as a cheaper alternative).


To really give it that basket-shape, make the bottom chain slightly shorter than the middle chain... just remember the basketball diameter!