How to Make Cheerleading Pompoms

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If you want to demonstrate your enthusiasm for your favorite team or just want to share a craft activity with your child, making your own set of pompoms could be the answer. Pompoms are easy to make with materials you have lying around the house. The project should take you less than half an hour.

Making the Pompoms

Grab a pair of scissors, a roll of duct tape and some plastic bags -- garbage bags work well, but you can use other types. Lay one plastic bag on the floor or table and fold it lengthwise, so the top of the bag lines up with the bottom. Using the same folding method, place the additional bags on top of the first. Use up to 10 bags, depending on how fluffy you want your pompoms. Alternate bag colors if you're using more than one color. Take the scissors and cut about 1 inch off the end of the bags where the tops and bottoms meet. Cut the bags lengthwise into strips, starting on the end you just trimmed, about halfway down the bags. Strips can be as wide or narrow as you like, but about 1-inch wide works well. Roll up the bags right to left, forming a handle and seal the rolled-up handle with duct tape. The more duct tape you wrap around the handle, the stronger it will be -- how much tape you put on depends on your preference.