How to Make Cheesehead Hats


Green Bay fans love to show support for their team. The cheesehead hat is a Wisconsin must-have; the iconic yellow triangles are seen sprinkled through the crowd at any Packers game. If you know and love a Packers fan, make their day by creating this easy cheesehead hat as a gift.

Cut your floral foam into a large triangle shape. Ideally your wedge should be approximately 1 foot-by-1 foot-by 8 inches, and about 6 inches deep. However, work with the shape of the floral foam you are able to find.

Make an indentation in the bottom of your wedge by pressing into the foam with your hands or with the bottom of a bowl. This indentation will help the cheese hat stay on your head.

Press "holes" in your cheese. Push your fingers or another rounded tool into the wedge to make large craters all over the surface.

Spray paint the whole thing yellow. You will probably need a few coats to cover the green of the floral foam.

Cut a piece of elastic large enough to wrap around your head and under your chin. Push a paperclip into the foam on either side of the bottom indentation. Leave enough paperclip sticking out to thread the elastic through. Hot glue the paperclips in place.

Tie one end of the elastic to one of the paperclips. Place the cheese hat on your head, wrap the elastic around to the other paperclip, and tie it in place. It may take you a couple tries to get the elastic length just right. When it is comfortable, clip off any extra elastic. To make your chin strap extra secure, hot glue over the knots.


In Minnesota, wear this hat at your own risk. You may be chased by a Viking.