How to Make a Complaint to the NFL

Businessman mailing letter at post box in street

An NFL game can last up to three hours, but a Wall Street Journal study suggests that only 11 minutes of airtime is actual game play. And this might irk some fans who have to endure more than an hour of commercials and filler shots full of players huddling, breathing or talking. If you have a complaint or comment about your experience as an NFL fan, you can send it to the league office in New York City.

Online Feedback and a Phone Call

The National Football League runs a comments section on its website where you can file a complaint. Unfortunately, complaints are for the website only; not the NFL as a whole. Your best bet is to mail a printed or handwritten complaint to the league office at 345 Park Ave., New York, NY 10154. You can also file a complaint directly with specific teams. Go to the team's website and look for a comments, contact or feedback section to leave an online complaint. Or keep digging for an office address or phone number for a more personal form of communication.