How to Make a Mirrored Football Visor

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Removable football helmet visors are used by players to protect their faces and eyes from wind and and dust. For safety, visors are made of strong, clear polycarbonate plastic and were utilized in helmet safety testing as early as the 1970s. While clear visors are standard, you can make a mirrored football visor that acts as a two-way mirrorto keep opponents from following your eyes.

Choose a football helmet visor that fits your helmet.

Buy enough mirrored film tinting to cover at least 1 inch around the edges of the visor.

Clean the visor. Mix a few drops of dish soap with water in a bowl. Dip a clean, scratch-free cloth into the bowl. The surface of the visor must be clean before applying the mirrored tinting. If it isn't, dust or dirt particles may become trapped under the surface, creating bumps that can't be smoothed out.

Add water to the spray bottle. Wet the visor with the spray bottle. The visor should be covered with a fine mist of water rather than big drops of water.

Remove the mirrored tinting from its package. Find the side with the adhesive. Some visors will clearly mark this side.

Press the sticky side of the mirrored tinting onto the side of the visor that faces outward from the football helmet. Use a plastic identification card or credit card to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles, working from the front, curved section of the visor back to the edges. Be patient, as you may need to smooth over wrinkles and bubbles several times to remove them.

Use the craft knife to cut off any excess tinted film. Remove the film above the holes where the visor fits onto the helmet so you can the visor to your helmet.


Always follow the directions on the package of the mirrored window tinting. Avoid tinting that requires the use of a heat gun.


Tinting a visor can lead to reduced visibility when wearing the visor. The darker the tint is, the more chance that your visibility can be affected.