How to Make Sap Gloves


Sap gloves are special gloves that are used by martial artists. They are also popular with law enforcement and security personnel. These gloves are weighted so that they add force to a punch. The gloves are also very tough, so they protect the hands. Striking another person with your bare fist during an altercation can cause scrapes and deep lacerations. Sap gloves prevent that and can even protect your hands from blades. They are designed to be a defensive tool for those forced into fights, not as an offensive weapon to hurt people.

Measure the gloves. Use a ruler to measure the distance from 1 inch above the knuckles on the glove to the middle joint of each finger on the glove. Then, measure the width of each glove finger. Only do this for the four fingers, and not the thumb.

Cut leather strips. Use the measurements and fabric scissors to cut eight rectangular strips from the sheet of leather, four for each glove. The sheet should be the same color as the glove.

Position the strips. Place the leather strips in position on top of the glove one at a time. Use the sewing machine to attach the strips to the glove on three sides. Leave the side above the knuckles open to form a pocket.

Install the metal powder. You will need about 8 oz. of powder. You can purchase steel, lead or iron powder at any science or lab store. Pour the powder into the leather pockets you formed, one at a time. Seal the open end with the sewing machine so the powder does not spill out.