How to Make a Skateboard Into a Snowboard

snowboard man sits on ski slope image by Maxim Petrichuk from

Skateboarders are always thinking of creative things to do with their rides: etching their own designs into the grip tape, adding stickers or artwork, even buying cool-looking skateboard decks to hang as wall decorations. For those blessed with snow in the winter months, another creative idea is to make your skateboard into a snowboard.

Remove the trucks and risers from your skateboard. Most of the hardware used on skateboards requires you to hold the bolt in place with a screwdriver, and loosen the nut with a wrench, or vice versa. Put your trucks and risers away after removing them.

Take one snowboard binding and line it up over the holes on the top of the skateboard deck, making sure it's even and not lopsided. Hold the binding in place with one hand as you carefully turn your deck over and use the pen or marker to mark on the binding where the holes are. Repeat with the other bindings.

Use the power drill with the 1/8-inch bit to drill holes where you marked them on the snowboard bindings.

Line your snowboard bindings up with the holes on the top of your skateboard deck and push the 1/8-inch bolts through the holes.

Attach the 3/8-inch nuts to all the bolts. Hold your board sideways, keep the bolt still with the Phillips screwdriver, and tighten the nut with the 3/8-inch wrench. (You can also tighten the bolt while holding the nut in place.) Tighten all of the nuts evenly, one at a time.

Use the bolt cutter to strip off any excess length of bolt still sticking through the bottom of the skateboard-turned-snowboard.


For many people, it is easier to learn how to snowboard by making a skateboard into a snowboard. A real snowboard is long and awkward, while a skateboard-turned-snowboard is small, lightweight, and easier to maneuver. Instead of buying snowboard bindings, take off your skateboard trucks, then make bindings out of duct tape. To do this, strap your feet to your deck with duct tape, being careful not to let the tape stick to your shoes. After getting a snug fit, slip your feet out, and get the sticky side of the tape wet or dirty to make it lose its glue. Ask an adult to help you with drilling if you are under age 16 or are unfamiliar with using the tool.


Snowboarding is a dangerous sport, and health and safety professionals recommend that snowboarders wear appropriate safety gear at all times. You won't be able to turn your deck back into a skateboard once you take it out in the snow as a snowboard.