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How to Make Soccer Shin Guard Sleeves

    Lay one leg of the hose/tights over one shin guard. The narrowest part of the ankle should be right at the bottom of the shin guard.

    Cut the hose/tights about 3 inches above the top of the shin guard (if necessary, cut the foot off at the narrowest part of the ankle).

    Trim the sleeves until they're at a length you like.

    Repeat steps 1-3 for other shin guard.

    Test-fit the sleeve. Either hold shin guard against leg and slide sleeve over, or slide sleeve over leg first, then slip in shin guard.

    Adjust shin guard until it is at desired location.

    Slip soccer sock over shin guard and sleeve.

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  • It's better to find hose/tights that are too tight at first; they'll stretch once you wear them.
  • If the sleeves are still too tight, move up the leg of the tights/hose until you find a section that is wide enough for your leg.
  • You can also use this method to convert old running tights or the sleeves of a compression shirt.

Things Needed

  • Shin guards
  • Panty hose (with feet) or tights (without feet)
  • Scissors

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