Master Lock U Lock Carrying Bracket Directions

A reliable and well-made lock is the first line of defense against theft of your bicycle. Obviously, this means carrying a lock with you wherever you take your bicycle. Your Master Lock U-lock carrying bracket makes this job less cumbersome, while also decreasing the likelihood that you'll accidentally leave your lock somewhere. The bracket attaches directly to your bicycle. Once the bracket is attached, finding and carrying your lock becomes automatic.

Determine which part of the bicycle frame is the best location for your Master Lock U-lock. This may be any one of the tubes that forms your bicycle frame's inner triangle.

Detach the carrier bracket from the U-lock, and set the U-lock aside.

Note the insert inside one of the carrier bracket clamps. This insert acts as a shim, allowing the carrying bracket to fit narrower bicycle frame tubes. Set this insert aside.

Insert the knurled end of the Master Lock U-lock through the opening in the smaller of the two side-by-side carrier bracket clamps. Expect a snug fit.

Separate the larger of the two side-by-side carrier bracket clamps and wrap it around the chosen section of the bicycle frame. If the bracket does not fit snugly, remove the clamp and install the removable insert inside the bracket carrier clamp before installing the carrier bracket onto the bicycle frame.

Check that the U-lock fits adequately within the bicycle frame. If necessary, use a Phillips screwdriver and remove the screw that joins the two bracket clamps. Angle the bracket to give the U-lock adequate clearance before reinstalling and tightening the screw.

Insert the proper screws or bolts through the two holes at the side of the bracket clamp that is attached to the bicycle frame. A set of both bolts and screws is available. The screws are shorter than the bolts. If the screws do not suffice to secure the two ends of the bracket clamp together, select the set of bolts.

Thread a nut onto the tip of each screw or bolt. Hold the nut in place while using the Phillips screwdriver to tighten each screw or bolt.