How to Measure My Bust Size for a Sports Bra


Need to know how to measure your bust size for a sports bra? More than half of all women wear the wrong size bra, and this can lead to discomfort or even pain. Knowing the correct size bra to wear is especially important for workouts, when you are active and need proper support. Here's how to measure your bust size for a sports bra.

Measuring Bust Size for a Sports Bra

Stand in front of a mirror, wearing an unpadded bra and no shirt.

Use the tape measure to determine the size of your chest. Make sure the tape is snugly -- but not tightly -- wrapped just under your arms and above your breasts. This measurement is the standard number part of your bra size, for example, 36". You should round down to the nearest inch.

Place the tape measure around your breasts at the fullest part of your bust and record the number, for example, 38". This will enable you to find your cup measurement. Subtract your chest number from this bust number. If the difference is less than an inch, the cup size is AA. One inch equals A, two inches is B, three means a C, four inches for D and five inches represents DD. For our example: 38"-36"=2", making the cup a size B.

Put the two numbers together to come up with the bra size; for example, 36B. Now, translate that into sports bra sizes. A size small sports bra fits busts in the 32-34 A/B range while a medium is made for sizes 34-36 B/C. Chests measuring 36-38 C will need a size large sports bra and an XL bra will cover 38-40 C/D.

Try on the bra if shopping in person to ensure a proper fit. The sports bra should be snug but not too tight across your chest. If it is uncomfortably tight, you need a larger sports bra.


Most sports bras follow T-shirt sizes. If you're a small in a T, you'll probably wear a size small sports bra.

Sports bras are often rated for activity level. If you are a runner or soccer player, you'll need a more supportive bra than a walker or yoga enthusiast.


Many retailers do not allow returns on sports bras, so be sure it's really your size before making a purchase.