How to Measure Skateboard Trucks


Skateboard trucks may be the most important piece of hardware on any skateboard. Trucks are the two metal pieces on the bottom of the deck that hold the skateboard's wheels in place. Many people would just assume that all skateboards trucks are uniformly the same, however, skateboard trucks come in a variety of sizes and styles. If the wrong size trucks are on a skateboard, it will be very difficult for the skateboarder to maintain proper balance.

Purchase a skateboard deck and identify what the width of the skateboard is. Standard skateboards range in width from of 6.5 to 8 inches and in length from 28 to 33 inches. The skateboard trucks will be the same width as the skateboard they are on. Meaning if you buy a complete skateboard that is 7.5-inches wide, the skateboard trucks will also be 7.5-inches wide.

Measure individual trucks that are not attached to a skateboard. To do this, simply measure the top of the trucks from the tip of the left axle to the tip of the right axle. The axles are the two end pieces of the trucks where the skateboard wheels will be placed. You will get a measurement between 6.5 to 8-inches wide.

Repeat step 2 to measure the second skateboard truck you are going to put on your skateboard. This should be the same measurement as you got in step 2. If the two trucks are not the same width your balance will be noticeably incorrect.

Convert the measurements that you got in steps 2 and 3 into millimeters. Most trucks are labeled in inches, however, some brands still use millimeters to label their truck's sizes. To convert inches into millimeters, divide the inch measurement you got in steps 2 and 3 by 0.03937007874.

Attach your trucks to the skateboard and bolt the wheels onto the axles of the trucks. Look down the side edges of the skateboard, if you have the right size trucks for your board, the wheels and the deck's edge will line up perfectly.