Military Morning Workouts

Soldier doing push-ups

The military physical fitness test is grueling. You have to be in shape to pass the test to enter any branch of the military. Each branch of the military has its own standards for minimum performance to pass the physical, and none of them are easy. You have to be fit to pass. A workout in the morning can energize your body and help you prepare as if your goal is to pass a military physical — whether or not you have to actually take the test.


Get a good warm-up in to increase blood flow to your muscles and elevate your heart rate. A 10-minute warm-up will help reduce your risk of strains and sprains. Warm-up before you begin your military morning workout by running at a leisurely pace for about five minutes or until your heart rate is elevated and you start to sweat. Do 20 pushups and 20 crunches and then you should be ready to begin more strenuous exercise.

Morning Crunches

Crunches will wake you up and get your blood flowing and your heart beating. After your warm-up, do 20 repetitions each of regular crunches, reverse crunches and double crunches. Perform reverse crunches by lifting your hips; throw in some double crunches by lifting your hips and your upper back off the floor at the same time. Do 20 repetitions of left and right crunches: Bring your left elbow to your right knee, then the right elbow to the left knee.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Follow your morning crunches with some heart-pounding cardiovascular exercise. Do 10 quick jumping jacks followed by 10 pushups. Repeat for 10 cycles of jumping jacks and pushups, or for five minutes. Run at a steady pace for 10 minutes to keep your heart rate elevated.

Strength Training

Finish your morning workout with some strength training exercises. You can use your body-weight by doing squats, planks and more pushups or grab some dumbbells or free weights. Strengthen your arms by doing 15 to 20 repetitions of biceps curls and triceps extensions. Chest presses can help strengthen your arms, shoulders and chest muscles. Finish off by strengthening your legs with squats and squat thrusts.