Parts of a Suctioning Machine


A suctioning machine is an portable apparatus used in the medical field for aspirating fluids from a person's airways and mouth. There are many parts that go into the manufacturing of an electric suctioning machine. Several types of suctioning machines are on the market; some are portable, some are for home use and others are strictly for hospital use.


There are several different varieties of suctioning machines. Some suctioning machines are battery-powered and portable, others are not. Electric suctioning machines are widely used in the medical field for their relative ease-of-use and accuracy. Portable tracheal suction machine are available for those who need them to remove mucus from their airways. Each type of suctioning machine has its advantages and disadvantages.


The purpose of using any suctioning machine is to remove unwanted materials from the stomach, mouth or throat. Some suctioning machines are more sophisticated and offer more features than others. Tracheostomy suction machines remove mucus and secretions from the trachea that cannot be cleared by coughing.


The main parts of an electronic suctioning machine are a vacuum pump, bacterial filter, vacuum gauge, moisture or debris trap, a reservoir for aspirated material and a suction catheter. Reservoirs are usually glass bottles with markings indicating volume. Tracheostomy suction machines are simple machines consisting of a suction catheter with a hard plastic end and a connecting tube.


Many electric suctioning machines are available with high or low levels of suction. The levels relate to the rate of suction produced. High suction machines are usually employed for rapid aspiration of fluids or debris. Low suction machines are ideal for post-op drainage of wounds. Some suction machines have compact designs making them easy to store.


To avoid risk of injury and unnecessary wear, suctioning machines should only be used when needed and as recommended. Suctioning machines should be kept clean and free of bacteria to avoid the risk of infecting the user.


There are quite a few portable suctioning machines designed for the home that are available to the public. Portable suction machines can be purchased for anywhere from one to several hundred dollars depending on the specifications of each model. If any servicing or replacement part is needed, a licensed professional should do the servicing.