How to Pick a Lock With a Safety Pin

  1. Bend the first safety pin into a straight line and file down the sharp point. A sharp point doesn't help you to pick a lock. Filing it limits the amount of pricks on the finger you could possibly get.

  2. Bend the second safety pin in a straight line.

  3. Use the tweezers to bend the point on the second safety pin to less then a 45-degree angle.

  4. Insert the first safety pin into the bottom of the lock. It will act as the tension wrench.

  5. Put the second safety pin with the pointed side up into the lock. Push it all the way to the back.

  6. Wiggle and twist the pin in the lock. You are trying to push up the pins to the shear line in the lock. Try to feel for them as you wiggle up and down and twist around. Be patient with this process and concentrate on the task at hand.

  7. Take the first safety pin and turn it when you think you've lifted all the pins in the lock. The lock should pop open, allowing you past the door or into the locker.

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