How to Play Broom Hockey

    Find a location ideal for broom hockey, such as a rec center, basketball court or a hockey rink. A gymnasium would also do--basically any place that has a big hard floor.

    Gather together six or more people to play. Keep it an even number of people for equal teams.

    Set up the court by measuring the court with the measuring tape. Divide the measurement by two and you will have the middle starting point. Put painters tape down across that middle section. The painters tape will come up easily without ruinning the floors and will give you a visual middle line starting point.

    Set up the cones where you want the goals to be. If you are setting the game up for smaller children then make your goals closer together. For adults, make the goals as small as 3 feet apart.

    Decide how long each half of the game should last. Fifteen minutes for each half is fine, but if your group would like to play longer, make the halves longer.

    Separate into two teams. These teams should be even and should have at least three players on each team.

    Give each team member a broom.

    Make sure you have one goalie, one defensive player and one offensive player. If you have more than three people on each team then allow the remaining members to choose whether they want to play defense or offense.

    Start out by putting the ball in the middle center and shouting "Go!" Score points by hitting your tennis ball in the other team's goal with your broom. Then start back at the middle center again.

    Win the game by scoring the most points total from the first half and the second half of the game.


  • If you don't have any cones, you can use any object with a flat bottom to mark your goal boundaries.


  • Don't use a hockey puck. It is too hard to hit it with the broom. Any type of small ball will be best.

Things Needed

  • Broom for each player Large area with a hard surface Tennis ball Measuring tape Painters tape 4 orange cones Clock or stopwatch

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