How Is a Pool Table Measured?

Standard Measure

    Pool tables are measured by playing surface area (the area inside the cushions). Here are some standard sizes: 9 foot table: 50 x 100 inches 8 foot oversize table: 46 x 92 inches 8 foot home size table: 44 x 88 inches 7 foot table: 39 x 78 inches 6 foot table: 32 x 64 inches


    Width is measured from the nose of the cushion (where the ball strikes the side) to the nose of the opposite cushion as shown in the picture below.


    Length is measured from the nose of the end cushion to the nose of the cushion at the opposite end.

Ordering new felt

    Once you've determined the inside dimensions of the table you can order standard cut felt sizes from on-line or local suppliers. For instance, if the measurement is close to 39 x 78 inches, order pool felt for a seven-foot table. The felt will come cut to 48 inches by 90 inches to allow for the overlap you need to secure the felt. Tables are often custom built, so a seven-foot table may be 39 x 78, 37 x 77 or 40 x 79. All would use a standard seven-foot table felt. To order, simply measure the table and take the measurements with you to order.

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