How to Price NASCAR Collectibles

    Step 1

    Determine what type of collectible you intend to purchase or sell. Collectibles come in all forms and fashions so there is a wide price range. For instance, a 1/64 die cast replica car will likely cost more than a NASCAR trading card. A NASCAR leather jacket will cost more than a NASCAR tee shirt. However, a trading card or tee shirt will have increased value if it entails a signed autograph from a driver or team member.

    Collectibles may also include items such as tires from an actual race, parts of previously raced cars such as a hood or quarter panel, used helmets, replica helmets, car plates, or autographed pictures.

    Step 2

    Identify the brand name or manufacturer of the particular item. As with any other product, certain brands are worth more than others. Most sellers are attracted to the higher end brand names, as they are of better quality, especially when it comes to die cast replicas.

    Create a list of the NASCAR collectibles you intend to purchase or sell along with the brand name or manufacturer. This will make the pricing process less taxing.

    Chase Authentics and Adidas are two top brands for NASCAR apparel and accessories. For die cast replicas, Action, Team Caliber and Revell are three top brands.

    Step 3

    If you are not buying from a NASCAR licensed store, make sure the item that interests you is legit. There are counterfeit collectibles in circulation. Some of the faux collectibles are difficult to determine. You would need to consult a person familiar with sports memorabilia if you question the legitimacy of the item. Most cities and communities have sports collectible stores where the owner has sold collectibles for a long period of time. They seem to be knowledgeable when it comes to the legitimacy of a particular item. In many cases, they know someone who can help determine a phony piece of memorabilia. You can find help online as well. Authentic Signed Sports is an online store that answers all questions regarding collectibles.

    The most common fraudulent collectibles include items with forged autographed signatures.

    If at all possible, never sell or purchase a counterfeit NASCAR collectible. It is not necessary to have every item appraised, especially if you purchase from reputable sellers or stores, such as the NASCAR.com Superstore. However, if you purchase from an individual or store you are not familiar with, or you have a strange feeling regarding the item, take the proper steps in making sure the item is authentic.

    Step 4

    Refer to NASCAR collectible pricing guides. After you have the item or items of interest listed, it is important to determine the most accurate price. Pricing guides are perhaps the most accurate form of pricing collectibles and they list a wide array collectibles. Price guides usually include the current market value of the NASCAR collectible. Make sure the price guide is not out of date. The current market value of a particular item is not the same as it was five years ago.

    Refer to a search engine, as numerous price guides can be found online. A popular price guide for die cast replicas is the Diecast Registry. Beckett and Sports Collectors Digest are widely recognized price guide for general collectibles.

    See what some of these items are selling for on auction websites such as eBay. There is typically a specific price range in which the item is selling. Amazon, Overstock, and QVC are other popular sources for pricing NASCAR collectibles. Sellers may price collectibles according to what they are selling for on other websites or stores.


  • Check around with different stores, online stores, and auctions to see what the collectible is selling for


  • Beware of collectibles with forged autographs

Things Needed

  • Internet access
  • NASCAR collectible price guide

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