How to Print Race Numbers

Printing Bibs on Your Own

    To print race numbers on your own, find a race bib template by searching for “running bib template” in your Internet search browser. Download the template and open it in either a word processor or image editing software. Add the name of your race at the top or bottom of the bib. Add in the number on the bib, starting at 001. Print a single bib featuring each number, counting up to 002 and beyond until you’ve printed enough bibs for the participants in your race. Use a paper slicer to cut off excess paper around the printed bib. So that the bibs will stand up throughout the race, either take the printed bibs to a print shop to laminate each one, or purchase a self-laminating kit. Use a hole puncher to punch holes in each corner of the bib for the safety pins so each racer can attach the bib to her shirt.

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