How to Organize a Bowling Tournament

    Plan the type of tournament to have. The main thing you must decide is if you will raise money and what the money will go towards. Even if you not planning a charity tournament, you may want to raise money for trophies and prizes.

    Get a sponsor for your tournament. Contact local businesses to see if they would be interested in being sponsors. The money you raise can go to lane fees and prizes. Ask the sponsor to supply free t-shirts with his logo and the name of your event.

    Secure the bowling alley for your tournament. Notify a bowling alley of your desire to have a tournament and ask them what dates would be best. Ask them if they have a special rate for renting multiple lanes for a tournament.

    Find participants. Ask the bowling alley to post a sign with your contact information for the tournament. Have interested bowlers fill out a form with their information.

    Set a cutoff date for entries several weeks before the date of the bowling tournament. After you have a set number of participants, arrange a schedule of who bowls when. If you have a large number of players, consider having several rounds of pool play to determine seating for a championship bracket.

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