How Does a Professional Bowler Make Money?


Professional bowlers do not have the big money contracts and hype like many other professional sports do, but there are plenty of ways that they can make money. One of the main ways that bowlers make money is by winning. Every bowling tournament features a substantial prize pool, and the better you can bowl, the more money you will win. Bigger tournaments feature more cash, and some of the biggest ones are on the PBA bowling tour.


Like NASCAR drivers, bowlers sign a sponsorship to earn extra money. Many bowlers display patches on their professional bowling shirts, and all those patches are paid for by sponsors of the bowler. The bowler can also receive money for doing commercials and public appearances on behalf of the sponsors.


Bowlers can write guides and hold personal sessions to teach bowling skills to upcoming players. Different sessions at bowling alleys across the country can rack up a lot of money if you are a popular professional bowler.

Other Options

There other options for bowlers that are not as common but that can provide them with a good amount of money. Professional bowlers can work as stand-ins for actors doing bowling scenes in movies. These stand-ins can be seen in movies like "King Pin" and "Alley Cats Rock!" Bowlers can also participate in trick tournaments, where they perform bowling tricks like going through chair legs or off of ramps and hitting random pin placements.