What Is the Proper Way to Set Up Pool Balls?

A Tight Rack

    Regardless of the game, having a tight rack will ensure the fairest break possible. All balls should be as close to one another as possible before a break.

The Foot Spot

    The foot spot is where the head ball of a rack goes in most billiards games. It is found halfway between the second diamonds on the two long rails. On many pool tables, this spot is marked with a felt dot or diamond.


    Eight-ball uses fifteen balls, with the eight ball placed in the center of the rack. The two balls on the back corners of the triangular rack must be one solid and one stripe; all others can be solid or striped, placed in random order.


    A special, diamond-shaped rack is used for this game, which uses only the balls numbered one through nine. The only requirement for professional play is that the nine ball be placed in the middle of the rack and that the one ball be placed at the top of the rack, directly over the foot spot.

Straight Pool

    Balls are placed in random order in the rack for straight pool, except that the one ball goes on the racker's right corner and the five ball going on the racker's left corner.

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