How to Qualify for the World's Strongest Man Competition

As the best-known event involving strength athletics, the World's Strongest Man Competition is not only fascinating to watch but would also be an incredible thing to partake in...if you've got the muscle to get through all those strenuous events.

Enter the Strong Man Super Series Grand Prix competition. It's impossible to be part of the World's Strongest Man unless you make the cut for the SMSS Grand Prix. Sign up for the Madison Square Garden Grand Prix, the Viking Power Challenge in Norway or the Sweden Grand Prix by contacting these organizations and paying the entry fee.

Learn what you need to do to during the competition. With activities as varied as a tug of war, loading heavy objects on the bed of a truck and dead lifting vehicles in standing positions, the World's Strongest Man competition will work every ounce of strength you can possibly find in your body. It's best to study up on every one of those activities.

Create a training regimen. Your best option is to consult a personal trainer, dietician or fellow competitor if you are serious about this. The regimen will likely be very challenging. But working with gradual goals could get you where you need to be. Practice by doing some of the events that you need to do for the qualifying competition in which you enroll. Practice carrying oversized rocks, bench pressing and lifting heavy objects.

Attend the grand prix event that you signed up for. During the competition, you must go through several rounds of strength exercises like bench pressing, lifting items like cars and trucks and carrying large rocks. Give your best effort during this competition. In order to qualify, you must do incredibly well here.

Be among the top several competitors in the grand prix you attend. The top several individuals at each event qualifies you for the World's Strongest Man Competition. The number of qualifiers are pre-set by the event and varies from competition to competition.

Continue to apply for new grand prix events and continue to train until you are able to qualify for the World's Strongest Man Competition.