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How to Remove Bat End Cap

    Place the tip of the screwdriver in the gap between the end cap and the bat.

    Hit the end of the screwdriver with the mallet to wedge the screwdriver into the gap. Do not hit the screwdriver too hard or drive it too deep into the gap.

    Push on the screwdriver and use it as a lever to lift the edge of the end cap.

    Move the screwdriver 90 degrees around the end cap and repeat the process, carefully pulling the edges of the end cap out of the bat.

    Pop the end cap out of the barrel using the screwdriver.


  • Apply dishwashing soap around the end cap to help the screwdriver slide into the gap.
  • End caps are not meant to be removed and are sealed into the bat very tightly. Take your time and work systematically around the edges of the end cap until it pops out.
  • In official league play, umpires are authorized to inspect bats for signs of tampering. A dented or chipped end cap is one of the things they will look for. When you replace the end cap, put in a new one. This will not only give a tighter fit and will also reduce the chance of your bat being disqualified because it appears doctored.


  • Doctoring a bat can be dangerous. A study by Washington State University found that doctored bats caused balls to be hit between two and eight miles per hour faster.

Things Needed

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Dishwashing soap

About the Author

Sharon Hadrian has been a freelance writer since 2004. She has written articles for MTV, RealSelf and the "Salt Lake Metro," in addition to ghostwriting for clients around the world. Hadrian has an Associate of Arts in English from the Community College of Baltimore County.

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