How to Remove Fat From Your Elbows and Arms

all photos by Lynn Bellus

Face it- once we hit 40ish...fat seems to attack us from all directions. I think I just turned 40 when I looked down and found this wonderful pocket of fat on my ELBOW! I was already disgusted with the fat at the very top of my hips. Being a thin person, I wondered just how those fat deposits get in such strange places. I found no answers. I have discovered how to eliminate the fat from my elbow and to strengthen the muscles in my arms my body forgets to use. This is so simple and easy, and can be done while watching TV if you so chose.

Notice hand position and STRAIGHT elbow

In order to effect the muscles you aren't using, you must keep your elbow straight, whether you have it resting on the arm of your couch or prop something something under it. The moment you bend your arm, you use entirely DIFFERENT muscles. Keep the arm straight!

Then, simply raise your hand as in the picture, (keeping your arm straight). You may feel a burn on the back of your hand and the muscles that run the underside from elbow to shoulder. This is good. This means you haven't been using those muscles and that's why fat found its happy little way onto your arm.

Raise your hand into this position as long as you can, bring it down and raise it again. For the next ten minutes, just keep raising and lowering your hand. This will build up those muscles previously untouched and burn up the fat on those muscles.

That's it! You're done! Just do this simple little exercise ten minutes a day and you will notice the fat starts to run from this area.

If you want faster results, use a small hand weight. Remember, just getting those muscles used in the first place is a great step!


This also works out the flab under your arms. bending your elbow makes you work out the muscles on top of the shoulder, keep the elbow straight and you work out the muscles under the arm. Go figure.