How to Remove Look Pedals

Look Cycle launched its first automatic bicycle pedals in 1983. Two years later, Look pedals were used by Frenchman Bernard Hinault during his victory in the 1985 Tour de France. The so-called automatic pedal design employed a ski-inspired binding to optimize control and power delivery to the bicycle drive train. Like other bicycle pedals, Look pedals attach to the sides of the crank arms. The pedals can be removed from the crank arms for servicing or replacement.

Locate the end of the Look pedal spindle on the back side of the crank arm. The pedal spindle features an internal 8mm hex head shape.

Stand on the side of the bicycle opposite the pedal in question.

Fit an 8mm Hex key into the end of the pedal spindle. Use your free hand to hold the crank arm opposite the pedal for leverage.

Rotate the 8mm hex key in the proper direction to loosen the pedal. For right, drive-side pedals, rotate the key counterclockwise. For left, non-drive side pedals, rotate the key clockwise. Non-drive side pedals are reverse threaded.

Continue loosening the pedal with the hex key. Remove the hex key once the Look pedal is loose enough to unscrew by hand.