How to Rent a Basketball Court

Playing basketball is a great way to spend time for sport and health. However, finding a place to play can sometimes be difficult due to the popularity of the game. A great solution to this is to rent a basketball court and have a reserved place to play or practice alone or with a group.

Consider "open gym" rental if you just want to shoot around and practice your lay-ups. Open gym rental fees are usually around $5 per hour or for the entire evening of open gym. Expect a lot of participants, but you should have the hoop and net availability and with enough people, you can even get a good pick-up game on as well.

Check the court description to see that it meets your team practice or game needs. Most arenas offer official NBA/NCAA courts and/or standard high school courts. The official courts usually price slightly higher per hour.

Expect to pay on a per-hour basis. Most recreational centers and sports centers will charge on a per-hour basis, which will vary accordingly. They can be as low as $10 to upwards of $80 per hour and more for a full court rental, depending upon location and facilities. Consider renting a basketball court at local elementary schools for a nominal fee and better availability.

See if you can rent only one half of a basketball court for a lesser rental fee. Many full-sized courts will offer this option. You will have a shorter court obviously, but usually courts that offer this option will give you a drop-down half-court net for both ends of your shorter court.

Verify other amenities such as seating for guests, locker rooms and coach or team meeting rooms. Verify clock and scoreboard availability along with officiating and scorekeeping staff if needed for league games or tournaments. These amenities are often available for an additional fee or hourly rate.

Ask for a team, league or organization discount if you need multiple rentals every week to fill out a season. Most basketball courts will offer this type of discount, but book early to get a better pick of day and time availability.

Inquire if the basketball court offers a discount if you rent multiple courts or a single court for more than one hour. For example, if you rent a court for 3 hours or more, you may get a discount of as much as $20 per hour.


Many basketball courts offer a shooting and rebounding machine that you can rent hourly as well.