How to Repair a Golf Cart Motor Controller

    Step 1

    Remove the engine cover and disconnect the battery.

    Step 2

    View the wires leading to motor control unit. If the wires are corroded, scrub with a wire brush or replace.

    Step 3

    Replace the solenoid. It should be held on with a few bolts and possibly a metal bracket held on by a screw. There will be at least two wires on the back of the solenoid; they must be removed and inspected and replaced, if necessary.

    Step 4

    Reconnect the battery and test. If there was a faulty solenoid or corroded wire causing the problem, the motor control should work.

Things Needed

  • Phillips and flat head screwdrivers
  • Socket/ratchet set
  • Wires (matching the cart’s wire thickness)
  • Wire cutters
  • Small wire brush
  • New solenoid

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