How to Check an Electric Motor on an EZ-Go Golf Cart

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The motor is a key component to any EZ-Go electric golf cart. If you are having trouble with your EZ-Go electric golf cart, there are two areas that may play a role in the problem: the battery and the motor. If you have checked the battery and found it to be charging properly and providing a full amount of power to the motor, then you know that the motor is the problem. There is an easy method to check the electric motor on any EZ-Go golf cart.

Locate the motor

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Go to the back of the golf cart and find the panel that covers the electric motor. Four or six screws will hold the panel in place. Use the screwdriver to remove all the screws, turning them counterclockwise and putting them in a secure location after removal.

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Remove the panel so the electric motor is visible. Electric motors usually include reset buttons that can perform similar to circuit breakers. Look in the area where several electrical wires enter the motor and locate a small red button. This is the reset button. Push the button to reset the motor. Put the panel in place and secure it with the screws.

Turn on the cart's motor and push on the accelerator pedal. If the cart now moves, the issue has been resolved. If no power is produced by the motor, however, the motor has burned out and must be replaced.


Be certain that the battery is not being charged before you begin working on any EZ-Go electric golf cart.