How to Repair A Latex Foam Goalkeeping Glove


The nature of the goalkeeper position in soccer puts a lot of abuse on equipment, especially the keeper's gloves. Goalkeeper gloves have latex foam palms and fingers. Latex foam is optimal for catching and deflecting incoming shots, passes and crosses. However, latex foam isn't very durable and will wear out or tear naturally. A small amount of shoe glue can repair tears in latex foam goalkeeper gloves.

Apply a very small drop of shoe glue in the tear. Latex foam is very absorbent, and too much glue will harden areas around the tear and cause more damage during future use. Add more glue only if necessary.

Press and hold both sides of the tear together for a few minutes.

Let the glue set for a few hours, or overnight if possible. Some brands of shoe glue will set in under an hour. Read the instructions that came with the glue to avoid using the gloves too soon and damaging them.

Practice catching and throwing a soccer ball with the gloves on to test the repaired area. A tear on an area that flexes often, such as the knuckles and thumb, may require more glue.


Latex foam breaks down naturally due to use. Some large tears cannot be repaired and new gloves will need to be purchased.