How to Repair a Proform Bike

Assorted tools

When your Proform exercise bike arrives, the main components -- the wheel and tension -- are safely enclosed in the base. If you need to make repairs to your cycle, you should have easy access to places such as the console, seat, pedals and wires. A Proform bike comes with a 90-day warranty, so if your bike is in need of repairs within this time frame, contact Proform. When ordering replacement parts, have the model number, name and serial number of the bike, plus the part's key number and description.

Power Supply

If you are no longer receiving power to your bike's console, check the power supply. Replace the batteries or plug in your bike. If those two options do not fix the power supply, you may need to replace the wire harness or the console. Remove the console by unscrewing the four screws underneath the console plate. Unplug the wires, which may resemble a phone jack that unplugs from the console, or you may see a wire with a plastic end coming out of the console and a wire with a plastic end coming up through the upright. The two plastics ends connect and should slide apart for replacing.

After you disconnect the wires, hold onto the ends of the wire harness. Attach the new console by plugging in the plastic jack to the console, or reconnecting the two plastic pieces and inserting the screws. If you need to replace the wire harness, remove the upright support, which the wires travel through, by unscrewing the four screws on the frame at the base of the support. Unplug the upper wire harness from the lower wire harness. Attach the new wire harness and reverse the process to reassemble your bike.

Seat Replacement

If you've worn out the seat of your Proform bike, you can replace it for a comfortable workout. Loosen the tension on the adjustment knob by turning it counterclockwise and slide the seat bracket out of the seat post. Unscrew the seat from the seat carriage, which is attached to the seat bracket, by removing the four locknuts and split washers. Attach the new seat to the seat carriage with the locknuts and washers. Slide the seat bracket into the seat post to your desired position. Tighten down the bracket by turning the adjustment knob clockwise.

Pedal Repair

Another area of your Proform bike that may need repair due to repetitive use is the pedals. You will need an adjustable wrench to remove them. Use the wrench to turn the right pedal counterclockwise a few turns until you have it loose, then hand-loosen until the pedal easily slides out of the pedal crank arm. Turn the left pedal clockwise for removal. The new pedals are marked with an R or an L to signify which side of the bike they fit. Insert the right pedal and hand-tighten it clockwise approximately 10 turns, then use the adjustable wrench to tighten it until it is secure. Insert the left pedal and hand-tighten it counterclockwise, then use the adjustable wrench to secure it to the pedal crank arm. Attach the end of the foot strap into the pedal tab for a secure fit.

Drive Belt Adjustments

If you notice the belt slipping when you pedal your bike, you need to adjust the tension of the drive belt. To do this, you will need the Allen wrench or Hex keys that were used during bike assembly. First, remove the left pedal by turning it clockwise. Unscrew the six M4-by-16 mm screws and the seven M4-by-22 mm screws that connect the two side panels. Remove the screws and the side panels. Locate the idler adjustment bolt and loosen it. Now, you have access to the belt tension bolt. Tighten the belt tension bolt until the belt is tight and does not slip. Then, tighten the idler adjustment bolt and replace the side shields and left pedal.