How to Repair My NordicTrack C 2000

Power Does Not Work

    Ensure that the power cord is plugged into a surge protector and that the surge protector is plugged into the outlet.

    Ensure that the key is properly inserted into the console.

    Reset the treadmill's circuit breaker located on the frame of the treadmill near the power cord. Wait five minutes before flipping the breaker switch back to reset.

Console Display Malfunctions

    Remove the key from the console.

    Unplug the NordicTrack.

    Reset the reed switch and magnet in the console by removing the treadmill hood and tightening the pulley on the left of the magnet until the magnet is aligned with the reed switch.

    Reassemble the hood.

Walking Belt Is Off Center or Slips When in Use

    Remove the key from the console.

    Unplug the NordicTrack.

    Turn the left rear roller bolt with the Allen wrench. Turn it clockwise a 1/2 turn for shifting to the left, and counterclockwise a 1/2 turn for shifting to the right.

    Turn both rear roller bolts with the Allen wrench a 1/4 turn for a slipping walking belt.


  • Do not work with any of the internal parts of the treadmill while the treadmill is plugged into an electrical source.
  • Do not overtighten the walking belt: There should be about three inches of space when you lift the belt upward.

Things Needed

  • Surge protector
  • Allen wrench

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