How to Replace Padding in My Baseball Glove


Baseball gloves often need repairs such as replacing the lacing or the padding. The padding in your gloves lies right underneath your palm and helps prevent the ball from hurting your hand. Replace worn padding to keep your hand well protected. Understanding how to unlace a glove is important to know before you repair your glove on your own. You must re-lace the glove exactly as it was laced before or you can potentially ruin your glove.

Find the knit on the stitching around the face of your glove palm. Look for the knot that holds it together. Carefully untie the knot with your pliers.

Pull the threads of the lacing out using your pliers. Remove it one stitch at a time to avoid opening it farther than necessary.

Find the padding in the glove and try to pull it out. Continue to remove stitches if you cannot pull out the padding. Stop removing stitches once you have taken out the padding. Tug it hard to break the threads holding it to the glove.

Sweep your hand through the padding area of the glove to find the strings that held the padding. Remove all of these to keep your glove inside clean. Slide your padding inside until it fits properly.

Carefully thread your needle with your thread and push it through the edges of the pad and the leather. Sew around the edges of the pad to hold it to the leather. Tie it off at the end it hold it in place.

Push your palm down and begin re-threading your laces with your pliers. Continue re-lacing until you have gone all the way around the palm. Tie the lace to itself as it was tied before you began.