How to Restore a Golf-Cart Battery With Epsom Salt


Golf-cart batteries are used to give the motor electricity. When the motor is energized, the cart will be able to propel itself across the golf course. If you have a dead battery in your golf cart, you are probably thinking about replacing it. You don’t have to buy a new battery just yet. You might be able to revive the battery with Epsom salt. You don’t have to be an electronics genius to restore your battery. You can do it yourself with little hassle.

Put on protective gloves and eyewear.

Remove the battery from your golf cart by disconnecting the battery terminals. Golf-cart batteries are generally found under the seat.

Slide the tip of your flathead screwdriver under the battery cell caps. Pop off the cell caps and be careful not to get any battery acid on you.

Use a turkey baster to remove half of the battery acid from your battery cell. Put the acid into a glass bottle.

Mix 8 ounces of Epsom salt with 2 quarts of distilled water. Stir the mixture together with a spoon until the salt is dissolved.

Fill the battery cells with the Epsom salt using your turkey baster. Replace the battery cell caps.

Connect the battery to your charging station to charge the battery. Leave the battery overnight to charge the battery.

Connect the battery to your cart and start the golf cart.


Always wear protective clothing when dealing with battery acid.


Never dispose of battery acid in the trash or pour it on the ground. Check local laws on how to properly dispose of your battery acid.