How to Rosin a Bull Rope

In preparation for a good eight second tournament between bull and rider, a well-rosined bull rope and glove will create a tacky stick that can help a rider stay glued to the back of a bucking bull -- hopefully long enough for the rider to be judged on his body control and style, and on the bull's difficulty and behavior. One hundred points are up for grabs. As you decide to take on this extreme sport, consider the type of rosin you will use to improve your grip on the bull rope and keep it with your bull riding gear.

Rosin Your Bull Rope

Prepare your bull rope by first measuring about two feet of the tail (the section you will be holding after the bull rope is wrapped around the bull's chest). Use tape above and below the area you will rosin to mark for yourself your boundaries. No need to rosin the entire bull rope nor the entire tail; rosin on unnecessary parts of the bull rope attracts dirt.

Use a wire brush to clean the dirt and gunk from the tail and handle of the bull rope. Simply brush lightly across the braided surface. (Bull ropes are generally handmade.)

Apply glycerin soap to the bull rope tail and handle to slick up the strap and, once the rosin is applied, help achieve a high level of attachment.

Put on your one riding glove. (Riders only wear one glove.) Select a good size rock of rosin from the bag in which it came. Crush the rock of rosin in the palm of your gloved hand. (Sometimes riders break up the rock on a fence post.)

Slide the rosin forcefully down and up the thickly braided leather tail of the bull rope repeatedly. As the rosin heats up in your glove, it will become difficult to continue. You want the final feeling to be like tape affixing the bull rope to your gloved hand.

Apply rosin to the handle using similar method. The bull rope handle does not need to feel quite as sticky as the tail. You are ready to ride.


Use white or amber rosin for less stickiness; black rosin is generally better for colder months, including winter.


While rosining your bull rope is a moderately easy task, bull riding is far from easy. It is one of the most dangerous sports you will ever do; yet the exhilaration of anticipating the jumps and spins of an angry bull keeps an ample supply of cowboys and cowgirls testing the limits of their abilities. Consider enrolling into a bull riding program.

Although taping the leather glove to your riding hand can prevent it from sliding off or down during your ride, it can also cause your hand to get "stuck" in the bull rope handle -- which is extremely dangerous when you need to dismount.

Ensure that you have medical insurance. Consider getting life insurance. Your chances of injury, or worse, is quite high. Injury is expected.