How to Set Up a Backyard Badminton Net


Badminton provides hours of backyard fun for adults and children alike. The game is like tennis except that smaller rackets and a shuttlecock are used. Setting up a badminton net is easy. The court size is universal but manufacturing styles vary, so adapt these instructions to fit your own badminton kit.

Setting Up a Badminton Net

Set up the poles. Many pole styles consist of two pieces of aluminum that push into each other. Push the pieces together.

Tie the net to the poles at the top and at the appointed area for the lower part of the net. An eyebolt or similar loop typically is used to attach the net.

Insert the first pole into the ground. Stake it down with guy wires and ground stakes for additional support. Pull the net tight and insert the second pole the same way.

Measure the net. The net should be approximately 5 feet high in the middle and 5 feet 1 inch above the poles, but this may not be important for recreational play

Lay out the court boundaries. You can mark the boundaries with spray paint, chalk, flagging tape or rope run along the ground and stretched between tent stakes. A standard doubles court is 44 by 20 and is 44 by 17 for singles play.

Mark the short and long service lines. The lines run parallel to the net. The short service line is 6 feet, 6 inches from the net on both sides of the court. The long service line runs 2 feet, 6 inches from the back line on both sides of the court. The service center line runs perpendicular to the net, right down the center of the court and only within the service area.