How to Soften Lacrosse Mesh

Lacrosse Stick and Ball on Turf

New lacrosse sticks feature durable nylon mesh. But the tough threads are born stiff and bouncy, making the ball difficult to catch. You can practice with your new stick until a pocket breaks into the mesh or you can hasten the process. Get a lacrosse ball, pocket pounder, warm water, a bucket and some fabric softener to help forge your pocket.

Pound It

Pinch a lacrosse ball between an extended thumb and fingers away from your palm. Pound the ball repeated into the both sides of the mesh for a few minutes. Pour a small amount of warm water over the threads and get your pocket pounder; a specially designed mallet with a lacrosse ball head. Strike the net with the pounder on both sides until you can form a nice pocket. Stop here if you like the pocket you've formed or proceed with fabric softener for an even more pliable mesh.

Make it Pliable

Place your lacrosse stick upside-down into a bucket. Fill a bucket with just enough hot water to cover the mesh and mix in 1 cup of fabric softener. Let it sit for 20 minutes, pull the stick from the mixture and rinse under running water. The softener should give you a soft mesh with a pleasant smell ready to be formed into a pocket.