How to Speed Up a Club Car Golf Cart

    Locate the engine. Club Car engines are housed under the passenger seat and can be accessed by simply pulling up on the seat and putting the seat into the foot well. The engine will be sunk several inches into the opening to protect it from accidental contact.

    Locate the throttle. There should be a cable leading to it. That will lead to what you are ultimately trying to find--the governor. If you have trouble finding the cable, use the flashlight to guide you from the gas pedal to the engine.

    Find the governor. The governor is located just under the throttle cable and has a hole in it.

    Neutralize the governor. As the throttle asks the engine for more and more power, the governor spins faster and faster into the engine to regulate the power, thus controlling the speed. You want to neutralize that process. Stick a tee in the governor hole so that when it starts to spin, it can't go into the engine.


  • Make sure that the engine is cold so you don't burn yourself.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of space to try out the souped up cart. By neutralizing the governor, you have almost completely opened the throttle, so speed will be immediate and will climb the longer you accelerate.
  • Under no circumstances should this be shown or taught to children, or children be allowed to operate a governorless vehicle.
  • Many golf clubs can kick you out for attempting to do this on one of their golf carts.

Things Needed

  • Flashlight
  • 1 golf tee

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