How to Adjust the Governor on a Yamaha Golf Cart

Different types of Yamaha golf cart models have different types of governors, which regulate the top speed of the golf cart over flat terrain. The three types of governors in Yamaha models include spring adjustment, clutch cable, and spark regulation governors. Each of these models has different procedures for proper adjustment, and it is important to adhere to each procedure correctly to ensure you do not make changes that could cause problems. Spark regulation governors cannot be adjusted, since they are electronically programmed into the golf cart, but the other two types can and should be adjusted periodically.

Locate a spring adjustment governor at either the carburetor or sticking out of the differentials. The governor will look like a spring loaded device coordinated with the vehicle's accelerator.

Use the screwdriver to turn the bolts that hold the governor in place. Turning them clockwise will increase the tension, and turning them counter-clockwise will decrease the tension. Increasing the tension will increase vehicle speed, and decreasing the tension will decrease the vehicle's top speed.

Locate the cable nut that holds the cable to the throttle lever for a clutch cable governor. Adjust the main cable nut, holding it in place with the screwdriver. Turning the nut counter-clockwise will make the cable longer, allowing the cart to go faster. Turning the nut clockwise will reduce the vehicle's top speed.


Always consult the owner's manual for the Yamaha golf cart model you have. Every model has limits to how fast it can physically go without engine damage or failure resulting. To make a golf cart go faster, you can also consider installing a new engine.