Sports Invention Ideas


There are many sports which have different equipment and rules to help people play properly. Inventions are often necessary to assist play or the durability of players through different types of safety equipment. Inventions come out regularly, helping sports to constantly evolve.

Safety Inventions

New safety equipment is regularly invented for players in sports where dangerous or incredibly physical play is a constant. New football helmets and padding are regularly being tested and designed to limit the injury to players when they are tackled in a violent collision. Football helmets have changed the most drastically, cushioning a player's head and neck much more then old helmets. In baseball, batting helmets have also evolved from simple plastic shells which sat on players' heads to plastic with foam and other padding that will effectively stop a 100-mile-per-hour fastball thrown against it and almost entirely protect a player from serious injury.

Convenience Inventions

There are many sports inventions which are simply made and used for convenience of players, either holding their equipment or keeping them comfortable when playing in inclement conditions. In golf, where inventions might be the most regularly tried and tested for holding clubs and gear, rolling golf carts carry bags while golfers walk the course, allowing them to pull or push their bag rather then carry it over their shoulders. Hand warmers for quarterbacks in football are also a convenient invention which have become a regular part of the higher levels of the game in recent years. These hand warmers are attached around the quarterback's waist like a fanny pack and allow quarterbacks to stick their hands inside of it to keep them warm so they can grip and throw the football.

Playing Inventions

The most ideal inventions for players are those which enhance their level of play. These inventions allow players not to worry about lingering injuries or their grip on the ball. For example, an elastic sleeve was popularized by basketball star Allen Iverson, which relieved tension in his elbow, a problem he had endured for years. Soon, many players were wearing this sleeve, relieving tension in a variety of joints all over a the body. Gloves are another invention which are always evolving in football and baseball. Baseball gloves have different padding to allow players to grip the bat better, making their swing as fluid as possible. Football receivers are the most drawn to glove inventions. Some gloves create a natural stickiness, making the ball easier to catch.